Lost re- watch | 4x12 | There’s No Place Like Home [Part I]

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do you ever see someone in some quiet intimate moment and suddenly love them so desperately you feel like you’re dying

#like when they pass a mirror and make a face and mess with their hair a little #or when you hear someone singing in their car with the windows rolled up as they drive past you #i don’t know how to express this i just. people are people and it makes me so sad and filled up sometimes

"Of course that is not the whole story, but that is the way with stories; we make them what we will. It’s a way of explaining the universe while leaving the universe unexplained, it’s a way of keeping it all alive, not boxing it into time. Everyone who tells a story tells it differently, just to remind us that everybody sees it differently."

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Jehan with flowers in his hair, my friends?

I’m on vacation and I’ve got so much work it’s depressing…

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I’ll miss playing a fun character but, nothing compares to everyone here. I’ll miss them a lot. - Jack Gleeson (x)

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enjolras being tiny and having to stand on tiptoes to get kisses.

basically the weirdest thing i’ve ever drawn and i’ve drawn a lot of questionable things haha

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"I am attracted to the idea of your lips exploring my body as if it were a map and you kept getting lost on purpose."

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"We’re sort of the punk rock region of Westeros."

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a quick enjolras i did at college the other day idk

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So a boyband walked onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and everyone thought they were going to sing One Direction or something typical…and then they sung Stars from Les Miserables.

This is the best thing ever. Just listen to those harmonies <3

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Sometimes you just feel the need to see your favorite character breathing heavily and covered in blood 


And that is exactly what they gave us.

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ughuhgufh you know that feeling where you want someone SO BAD like not even in a sexual way like you just want to touch their skin and hug them and feel their warmth and smell their scent and feel how soft their hair is and look into their eyes and hear their voice and soak in their presence like it’s physically impossible to have them by your side but you need it so bad like you just want them to be yours you want them physically there for you

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If You Hate Sansa Stark You Are Wrong by Claudia Boleyn

In this video I ponder why exactly it is Sansa Stark is so hated, list why hating her is absurd, and complain about misogyny as per usual. 

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Sophie Turner, yes, the Sophie Turner tweeted about this video and linked it to her followers. 

It has Sophie’s stamp of approval! 

Give it a watch if you’re a Sansa fan! Or if you’re not! You might just change your mind!


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